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Why Choose Henri Martin Real Estate ?


You've surfed the web, read real estate guides and magazines, and scanned newspaper ads. By now you may have checked out homes for sale in Bristol, Farmington, Southington, Wolcott, Plainville, Burlington, Plymouth, and other Central Connecticut towns.


But which of those hundreds of homes is right for you? You can't possibly view all of them or you'd spend a year just searching for a home.


The way to narrow that search is with a knowledgeable, experienced qualified professional - A Henri Martin Real Estate Agent.


Our buyer service begins with listening to you - and learning what you need and want in terms of location, home size, amenities, and of course - price.


From that knowledge we are able to eliminate choices that clearly won't suit you and narrow the search to those that will. Not only do we have access to details on the Multiple Listing Service, we have first hand knowledge of all the communities and we have visited a good number of the homes for sale.  


Along with current home values, we can let you know about taxes, utility costs, services, and amenities available in each neighborhood you may be considering.


In addition, we know about current and future developments that will impact home values in a give area - and we'll share that information to help you make an informed choice.


Communication is a top priority for Henri Martin Real Estate Agents.


Of course our first action will be to take you to visit all the homes that match your criteria. But if we don't find your home immediately, we'll stay in touch and keep you informed of all new listings that match your want/need list. We'll also let you know about price reductions on homes you might be considering.


Each morning we get MLS updates on new listings and price reductions - and we read them with your list in mind. When something matches, you'll get an immediate call or e-mail. In a highly active market, our quick action will save you from the frustration of missing out on a home you'd love.


Once You've Chosen the Home…


Once you've chosen the home you want, your Henri Martin Real Estate agent will help you prepare an offer. If this is your first time buying a home, or if you haven't purchased recently enough to be familiar with all the new forms, disclosures, inspections, and purchase options, we'll take the time to explain them so you can move forward from a base of solid information.


We'll help you determine an offer price based on current market conditions, along with any concessions you may ask of the seller. And then, if your offer is not accepted as-is, we'll help you negotiate. In a fast market this can be a delicate balance, but we have the years of experience to guide you through this phase of home buying. 


Once you have an accepted offer, we'll assist you through the inspection process, and with re-negotiating if inspections reveal areas of concern. And then, we'll stay by your side - keeping tabs on the loan process and removing any stumbling blocks that may crop up along the way.


Finally, we'll share your joy as you take possession of your new home.


This Service Costs You Nothing


We know, some agencies charge a fee to represent buyers. We don't.


When homeowners list their homes for sale they agree to pay a fee which is later split between the seller's agent and the buyer's agent. We see no reason to charge buyers an additional fee.


Thus, the service and care you'll get from your Henri Martin Real Estate Agent comes to you at no cost whatsoever.


Do you have questions? We have answers…


Whether you're ready to begin the search now or just have questions about the buying process, the market, or the communities, we'll be glad to provide the answers.


Call us today at 860-589-0101 or click here to send us an e-mail Henri@HenriMartinRE.com.

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