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How Will We Market Your Home?


When You Want Your Home to Sell Faster, and for More Money…


            …You need a plan.


            That's why Henri Martin Real Estate developed the "On the Market 19-Step Marketing Plan" to ensure that each of our listings is not only exposed to the greatest number of qualified buyers, but is exposed in a manner that makes those buyers anxious to see it.


            Our marketing plan begins, of course, with determining the proper listing price. Without that, all other efforts are wasted. In a constantly shifting real estate market, that means staying on top of events and using the most up-to-date information for each home's market analysis.


            After pricing comes presentation – both your presentation in showing the home to its best possible advantage and our presentation to the marketplace.


            Since first impressions are vital, your Henri Martin Real Estate Agent will lend professional advice on getting your home "showing-ready" before the first buyer or agent arrives. (You might be surprised at the details that catch a buyer's attention.)


            Our presentation to the marketplace assures that all bases are covered.


Because 96% of all home buyers are now starting their search on the Internet, we make sure your home will be found easily. But mere exposure is not enough. Henri Martin Real Estate Agents take pains with that Internet presentation, offering both words and photos that showcase your home's most appealing features and benefits.


            However, we have no intention of "missing" that small percentage of buyers who don't use the Internet, and we recognize that even Internet shoppers do use other methods to find a home. Thus, our 19-Step Plan includes direct mail, e-mail, print publications, signage, and in-person marketing.


            Staying in tune with the market is the next key ingredient in marketing. And since that can only be done through consistent communication with buyers, other agents, and our clients, we communicate. When you work with a Henri Martin Real Estate Agent you know what's going on with the market in general, and what's going on with your home in particular.


            Finally comes that part of marketing that too many agents let slide: Getting the transaction from the offer to the closed sale.


            We're at your side every step of the way – from helping you negotiate a beneficial price and terms, to coordinating all the closing details, to taking care of any last-minute glitches, and finally to enjoying your smile as you sign the closing documents.


            Call today. We'll be happy to share our "On the Market 19-Step Home Marketing Plan" with you. 

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